Price guarantee

North American Braces offers special discounts and promotions all year round, which reduce our already low prices.  We make sure you are always billed at the lowest effective price at the time of your purchase. We make every effort to maintain prices for the duration of our catalog, however due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to correct pricing.

Payment options

You may pay by

  • Credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover)
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal

All payments, foreign and domestic, must be in U.S dollars.

Product improvements, price and technique changes

We commit to continually improve our products and services. Therefore, we reserve the right to upgrade the design and quality of the products we produce and sell. We also reserve the right to change prices and / or design, or discontinue products without prior notice.


North American Braces herewith described indications are not claimed to represent a substitution of the clinical knowledge of the licensed professional. The indications furnished in this catalog are to be intended for informative purpose only and restricted to skilled and licensed professionals. It is clear and accepted by the dental surgeon or the dental doctor, that the information contained in the present catalog is of informative purpose only and do not claim to be a substitution of the specific medical action.